Failed Experiment

Take decks from pre-prepared list of meme decks.

Saturday 12:00 CEST 30.05.2021


Part of the Kalkstein Horror Tournament Event special event
Failed Experiment Tournament specific ruleset

Special ruleset
You have to take a deck from the pre-prepared list of meme decks.
One of the challenges is to judge the decks wisely.

Pre-prepared list of meme decks:

Northern Realms

1. Master Mirror | Mobilization
2. Archgriffin | Pincer Maneuver
3. Coen | Uprising
4. Charges OP | Stockpile
5. Mages | Shieldwall


1. Harmony | Call of harmony
2. AglaΓ―s | Guerilla Tactics
3. Alzur and his small friends | Mahakam Forge
4. The Wrath of the Dryads | Nature’s Gift
5. Shupe | Precision Strike


1. Golyat Mill | Overwhelming Hunger
2. Rat Swarm | Overwhelming Hunger
3. Bandit Thrive | Force of Nature
4. Necrophiliac’s Paradise | Arachas Sworm
5. Ciri Nova Mega Boost | Carapace


1. Master Mirror | Battle Trance
2. Syanna Wild Boar | Ursine Ritual
3. Drink Up Me Hearties! | Ursine Ritual
4. Arnachad the honorary Archdruid | Battle Trance
5. Casino Lippy | Ursine Ritual


1. Hyperthin | Tactical Decission
2. Enslave 7 | Enslave
3. Vypper | Imposter
4. Master Mirror | Imperial Formation
5. Armor? I hardly know her | Tactical Decision


1. It’s complicated | Blood Money
2. Greater Brothers+Bekker’s Dark mirror combo | Jackpot
3. Double Salamandra | Hidden Cache
4. Pirrrate | Pirate’s Cove
5. The Ofiri Wheel of Fortune | Blood Money

Single elimination format
Best of 3 format with ban
Bring 3 decks from different factions
Ban 1 deck each, win with the remaining 2
Open decklists, from 30 min before the tournament.
Do not play the same winning deck twice in any match
Draws will be settled according to the rules of the tournament platform
We are going to use the new tournament platform and report decklists and scores via this site.
After the bans are made, the client shows which player will have which coin (going first/going second).

Decks must be on site 1 hour before the start of the tournament.
Check-in starts an hour before the start of the tournament
The tournament will begin at 12:00 CEST 30.05.2021

1st place – 15 premium kegs + 1200 meteorite powder + slot to play pro player during Challenge the Monster
2nd place – 10 premium kegs +800 meteorite powder
3rd place – 5 premium kegs + 400 meteorite powder

The general ruleset of the whole event also applies during this tournament.


Sunday 11:00 CEST 30.05.2021 Deadline for sending decks

Sunday 11:00 CEST 30.05.2021 Check-in start

Sunday 12:00 CEST 30.05.2021 Tournament start

Prize pool

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