Falka's boyfriends

This is a special contest, where you take part by sending your best flex picture 😉

Best photos will be judged by community and judges.

Will you go for funny or hot?

How do you join?

Just tag your contest photo with #falkasboyfriends and your GOG nick on Twitter.



Falka’s boyfriends

Team Elder Blood


Discord: https://discord.gg/u9DjfZ6


Part of Falka’s Rebellion special event

Tournament specific ruleset



  1. This is a picture contest.
  2. You can join the contest by tagging your photo #falkasboyfriends on Twitter.
  3. Your entry needs to have your GOG nickname, the rest of text can be anything.
  4. The photo you send must only include one person – the participating player.
  5. Photos should show muscle flex.
  6. Photo cannot be photo manipulated (added, removed, resized elements).
  7. Photo cannot break Twitch TOS and Twitter TOS.
  8. By taking part in this event you agree to let us use your photo, nickname and other player data on streams and promotional materials.
  9. Moderators will choose the photos that will be later be subject to a vote on stream by judges and players.
  10. On our Discord you can message in the FalkasBoyfriends room to check that we got your entry.
  11. You can also add GOG nick in the comment to your Twitt.


  1. The final score will consist of the judges’ score and viewers’ score (these will be balanced to comprise 50/50 of the final score).
  2. The judges’ score will be translated into points (as table shows for each judge).
  3. The viewers’ score will be translated into points (as table shows).
  4. The judges’ and viewer’s vote will end before the stream.
Position on ranking of judge or viewer Point score
1 12
2 10
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1


  1. Final scores will be awarded as sample table shows:
Player Judge #1 Judge #2 Judge #3 Viewer score Viewer score x number of judges Total
Nick #1 12 7 0 12 36 55
Nick #2 10 8 5 10 30 53
Nick #3 8 10 0 8 24 42
Nick #4 7 12 4 7 21 44




  1. Slot to Until there will be one tournament (final) + 15 premium kegs + 1200 meteorite powder
  2. Slot to Until there will be one tournament (final) + 10 premium kegs +800 meteorite powder
  3. Slot to Until there will be one tournament (final) + 5 premium kegs + 400 meteorite powder
  4. Slot to Until there will be one tournament (final)
  5. Slot to Until there will be one tournament (final)



  1. The deadline for entries is 13th October 23:59 CEST.
  2. Public voting starts 14th October, voting by like’ing twitt with a photo from our social (ones with #falkasboyfriendsvote).
  3. Public voting ends on 16th October 23:59 CEST.



In the case of draws on positions that are rewarded by slot to “Until there will be only one” the higher position (and slot) will be awarded to the player with the higher public score.

More info


You can get more info about this tournament from: BiggieO#4742 and 9kjer#9754 on our Discord

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