Forgotten heroes

Forgotten heroes tournament is a special ruleset tournament with closed decklists.

Special rule: no gold cards or leaders from the most recent Elder Blood meta snapshot released before the tournament.

Do you think you’re the best off-meta player? Let us see!



Forgotten Heroes

Team Elder Blood



Part of the Falka’s Rebellion special event

Tournament specific ruleset


            Day 1 & Day 2

  1. Single elimination format
  2. Best of 3 Format with ban
  3. Bring 3 decks from different factions
  4. Ban 1 deck each, win with the remaining 2
  5. Closed decklists
  6. Do not play the same winning deck twice in any match
  7. Draws will be settled according to the rules of the tournament platform
  8. We are going to use the new tournament platform and report decklists and scores via this site.
  9. You cannot change the deck during the tournament (that day).
  10. You can play your decks in different orders in different games
  11. The best cards and abilities from the last Team Elder Blood meta-snapshot will be banned. We will inform you about 2 days before the start of the tournament exactly which cards and abilities you aren`t allowed to play. Snapshot and that list can change between first and second day of this tournament.

Invited players and the best 8 players from Day 1 will be promoted to Day 2


  1. Decks must be on site 2 hours before the start of the tournament.
  2. Check-in starts an hour before the start of the tournament
  3. Day 1 of the tournament will begin at 18.00 CEST 10.10.2020
  4. Day 2 of the tournament will begin at 17.00 CEST 17.10.2020


  1. 15 premium kegs + 1200 meteorite powder
  2. 10 premium kegs +800 meteorite powder
  3. 5 premium kegs + 400 meteorite powder


The best 8 players from Day 2 will gain a slot to the Final Tournament.

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