Main Ruleset for Elder Blood League


  • The Regular Season consists of either 6 or 7 weeks of play with each player playing a Best of Three match each week.
  • The Regular Season will begin at 6 PM AEST / 9 AM CET / 3 AM EST on Tuesday 15th of August. It will last either 6 or 7 weeks, depending on player count.
  • The Playoffs will be played during the October Gwent Season with the exact date to be announced closer to its start. Playoffs are planned to last 3 weeks.
  • Late registrations will be allowed up until the start of Week 3. Late registrations will be assigned a bye worth 0 points for each week that they miss.
  • The top 16 players from the Regular Season will qualify for the Playoffs which will be played over 3 weeks in the month following the Regular Season. Each Playoffs match is Best of Five.
  • The top players from Kreve League Season 7 and Elder Blood League Seasons 1 and 2 will qualify for our end of year prize pool event.

Conquest Format

  • All matches in Elder Blood League use the Conquest format. Once a player wins with a deck it can’t be used in the same series. To win the series a player must win with all of their non-banned decks.
  • Players will use GwentBansBot to share decks and ban one of their opponent’s decks. This is started by using /challenge.
  • For more information about GwentBansBot use /help or watch
  • Players alternate who has blue coin (going first) each game.
  • The player starting on blue coin is decided by GwentBansBot.
  • The player on blue coin invites their opponent in game.
  • In the case of a tie, the game is immediately replayed with the same decks and same player on blue coin.


  • Players can use different decks for each series.
  • A lineup cannot consist of two decks from the same faction.
  • Players will send their decks to their opponent before each serise via GwentBansBot.

Technical Losses

  • In the following cases a player will receive a technical loss for a game:
    • Disconnection (from the very start of the game)
    • Queuing a deck not submitted
    • Queuing a banned deck
  • The opponent can either take the win for the game in these situations or offer to replay the game. We recommend players apply rules of fair play

No Shows

  • A 20 minute grace period applies after the organised match start time.
  • If a player does not show up for the match within 20 minutes from the agreed upon time, they forfeit the match. The other player may simply take the forfeit or can replay the match within the same week.
  • If a player is unable to make the agreed match time or they are unsure about the match time, the onus is on them to contact their opponent to avoid a no-show and reschedule if time permits.


  • Players may stream or record their own games with the understanding that it may result in some perceived disadvantage.
  • We recommend using a minimum of 10 minute delay on stream and disabling Gwent Observer as the extension does not sync with delay.
  • Some games throughout the Regular Season and Playoffs may be chosen by Team Elder Blood to be cast. Delay will be applied as described above.

Player Conduct

  • We do not accept or tolerate any abusive or insulting behaviour in the League. We would encourage you to think before you act and to treat other players and admins fairly and with respect. Failing to do so will result in further actions which can lead to being removed from current/future leagues.
  • If you wish to report something please contact one of the Team Elder Blood moderators.

Trial of Champions Information

  • 8 player single elimination tournament
  • Qualify by playing in Leagues held in 2023
  • Tournament played during November/December 2023
  • Prize pool $300

Cash prizes are paid out within 14 days via PayPal. No exceptions, you must have an active Paypal account or the cash prize will be void. Paypal accounts must be fully functional, meaning accept payments from other countries – Poland (some countries can not accept abroad payments on Paypal). You will have 7 days to send Paypal account name to the tournament admin via Discord after the end of the tournament.

Privacy policy

Tournament players allow free and unlimited use of their usernames, provided personal data and avatars during and after the tournament.

Personal data provided by players will be processed in order to carry out tournaments and promotion. Including promotion in social media.

Each person joined to the tournament agrees to the processing and use of their data collected in the game Gwent, or available on the tournament platform.

Every person applying for the tournament agrees to the processing of personal data used to join the tournament for purposes related to the tournament and promotion, as well as data included in the player profile.

Registered players have the right to inspect and correct data. For this purpose, please contact the tournament administration.


Rulesets from league season #1 and season #2 apply accordingly.

The Organizer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

By joining to tournament, you accept the regulations.

Good luck & have fun!

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