Recipe for transmutation

Each deck can’t have the top 8 popular cards of each faction (and neutrals), and each deck has to stay 8 provisions below the provision limit.

Saturday 20:00 CEST 29.05.2021


Part of the Kalkstein Horror Tournament Event special event
Recipe for transmutation Tournament specific ruleset

Special ruleset
Each deck can’t have the top 8 popular cards of each faction (and neutrals), and each deck has to stay 8 provisions below the provision limit.
A list of popular cards was created from data on Playgwent Deck Library.

List of banned cards:


1: Oneiromancy
2: Korathi Heatwave
3: Maxii Van Dekkar
4: Geralt: Quen
5: Portal
6: Dorregaray of Vole
7: Geralt: Yrden
8: Dimeritium Bomb


1: Wild Hunt Rider
2: Parasite
3: Naglfar
4: Endrega Larva
5: Ozzrel
6: Yghern
7: The Beast
8: Caranthir Ar-Feiniel

Northern Realms

1: Amphibious Assault
2: Radovid’s Royal Guards
3: Donimir of Troy
4: Margarita Laux-Antille
5: Princess Pavetta
6: John Natalis
7: Voymir
8: Dun Banner


1: Roderick of Dun Tynne
2: Coup de Grace
3: Joachim de Wett
4: Yennefer’s Invocation
5: Nauzicaa Sergeant
6: Ffion var Gaernel
7: Artorius Vigo
8: Braathens


1: Pyrotechnician
2: Nature’s Rebuke
3: Vernossiel
4: Dol Blathanna Sentry
5: Call of the Forest
6: Gezras of Leyda
7: Cat Witcher
8: Isengrim’s Council


1: Gerd
2: Bear Witcher
3: Haern Caduch
4: Gutting Slash
5: Morkvarg
6: Tuirseach Skirmisher
7: Brokvar Hunter
8: Bear Witcher Adept


1: Vivaldi Bank
2: Jacques Miraculous Child
3: Professor
4: The Flying Redanian
5: Fisstech
6: Philippa Eilhart
7: Sewer Raiders
8: Fisstech Trafficker


Single elimination format
Best of 3 Format with ban
Bring 3 decks from different factions
Ban 1 deck each, win with the remaining 2
Open decklists, from 30 min before the tournament.
Do not play the same winning deck twice in any match
Draws will be settled according to the rules of the tournament platform
We are going to use the new tournament platform and report decklists and scores via this site.
After the bans are made, the client shows which player will have which coin (going first/going second).

Decks must be on site 1 hour before the start of the tournament.
Check-in starts an hour before the start of the tournament
The tournament will begin at 20:00 CEST 29.05.2021

1st place – 15 premium kegs + 1200 meteorite powder + slot to play pro player during Challenge the Monster
2nd place – 10 premium kegs +800 meteorite powder
3rd place – 5 premium kegs + 400 meteorite powder

The general ruleset of the whole event also applies during this tournament.


Saturday 19:00 CEST 29.05.2021 Deadline for sending decks

Saturday 19:00 CEST 29.05.2021 Check-in start

Saturday 20:00 CEST 29.05.2021 Tournament start

Prize pool

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