Until there is only one

Those who have won one of 64 slots for this tournament (from previous tournaments) will fight in 8 groups to get a spot in the big finale where only one will be the hero of our times. Remember to tune in to watch it on Twitch!

You need to qualify to this tournament.


Until there is one

Team Elder Blood


Discord: https://discord.gg/u9DjfZ6


Part of the Falka’s Rebellion special event

Tournament specific ruleset



  1. Single elimination BO3 – phase one (8 groups each 8 players)
  2. Single elimination BO5 – phase two (8 players, the winners of phase one)
  3. Do not play the same winning deck twice in any match
  4. Draws will be settled according to the rules of the tournament platform
  5. We are going to use the new tournament platform and report decklists and scores via this site.
  6. You cannot change the deck during the tournament.
  7. You can play your decks in different orders in different games
  8. Public decklist: Decklists will be open from 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament.




  1. Decks must be on site 2 hours before the start of the tournament.
  2. Check-in starts an hour before the start of the tournament
  3. The tournament will start at 12 CEST 18.10.2020

Prize pool

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