How to join Team Elder Blood?

Message us through the form here.

Provide all important information about yourself (age, country, GOG nick, best Gwent results etc.).

Who can apply to join Team Elder Blood?

The minimal requirements to apply to join esport section are:

  • top 200 pro rank,
  • acceptance of Gwent official tournament ruleset,
  • communicative English.

To join the content creators section you need:

  • to create regular content (articles, streams etc.) about Gwent or esport,
  • communicative English.

What games do you cover?

Mainly Gwent but we are open to other esport games too.

How to contact?

Use the form here or join our Discord for more casual talk.

Does your team represent one country?

No, we have members from all around the globe.

Love what you do for the community, how can I help?

Like and share content we post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or check out Patreon and consider support.

Join our Discord!

Let's talk about Gwent, Decks, Esport & More

Team Elder Blood is Gwent Esport Team.

We are a professional Gwent team.
We create content on Twitch & Youtube.
We write articles, snapshots, and organize community events.

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