Gwent Bans Bot for Discord


GwentBansBot is a discord bot which facilitates deck sharing and bans for Gwent tournament play. Players will challenge their opponent, add their decks and then ban a deck from their opponent.


/helpGives information about how the bot works and when to use each command
/challengeInitiates a game against an opponent, players will be prompted to use /add_deck and /veto when required. Games will automatically close after 30 minutes and can be canceled with /end_challenge if a player makes a mistake.
/add_deckAdds a deck to a player’s lineup, only use after /challenge
/vetoBan a deck from opponent’s lineup by selecting faction to ban, only use after /challenge and /add_deck
/end_challengeUsed to end a game against opponent to restart ban process if a mistake is made
/opponentGives currently assigned opponent
/my_decksGives currently added decks

Note on Use

GwentBansBot only works for tournaments where decks are from unique factions with a single ban.

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