Meta snapshot #41 – Final meta snapshot

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Meta snapshot #41 – Final meta snapshot

Dear Gwent players, readers, and friends,

We are thrilled to present our latest Gwent snapshot to you today. This moment stands as a culmination not only for us, who have dedicated many years to crafting decks and their descriptions.

We want to thank the community, whose presence has transformed Gwent into an unforgettable adventure for each of us, and to us, Gwent signifies more than just a card game, it embodies a saga of battles, woven intricately within a community that has thrived in this extraordinary universe. Every snapshot encapsulates a fragment of our ardor devoted to creating something that helped players better play Gwent and jumped back by people that were offline for few weeks and needed meta update.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support, valuable suggestions, and active involvement. You have been our most significant source of motivation. Special thanks to our Reddit readers, Discord members, Patreons, and all the creators who shaped our meta snapshots over the years. Our journey exploring this marvelous world has been incredible. Now, we invite you to discover the secrets within this final snapshot, hoping it brings you wins, glory, and triumph.

As for the future join us in cheering for our teammates Kaneki_Yamori, Truzky, Puzzle_Express, JaimeOneHand, Kareem_Eid at the last Gwent Masters in December. Also, check out our new podcast Cookie Break about gaming available on Youtube and Spotify. We also started #balance-council channel on our Discord to help guide you through community votings. More cool stuff coming still this year so please follow Us on twitter and discord to get updates.

The Scoia’tael offer us what they could boast about in the last few seasons and are at their full strength. We have very good control decks for Guerilla and Precision Strike as leaders. It is undoubtedly a good choice for players who value board control. But that’s not all! There is still a very good Harmony with the scenario, and under the snow, the Symbiosis has not disappeared.

In the Nilfgaardian Empire, not much has changed. Despite the nerfs this faction received, Renfri Imperial Formation is still a good deck. However, Assimilation is leading the way, and we probably won’t part with it anytime soon. Is that a good thing? In my opinion, it is..
Skellige has a few beloved archetypes. Fans of control Pirates should still enjoy the deck, but there is also something for the relatively new Beast archetype. Rage of the Sea was missing from our Snapshots. I’m glad we can highlight this leader in the latest release.
Monsters have stable and strong decks to offer. There are even two decks with Swarm (about which you can still learn something here), which is my favorite archetype of this faction. Vampires, from which I started my Gwent adventure, are also on the list, and I know that many of you also have a fondness for this archetype.
In the Northern Realms, two decks stand out above the others. Both on the same leader but so different from each other. Fans of the charming troll should be happy. This archetype is just as strong as before. For those who like a strong finisher, we recommend the deck with Priestess. Revenants are also a good choice, but not as effective as the ones mentioned earlier.
Syndicate enthusiasts also have no reason to worry. The two most popular decks of recent seasons remain in the meta. Personally, I recommend the devotion versions, which have always had a special place in my heart. Count your coins twice before you spend them, and when you do spend them, do so in moderation… or maybe not at all?

We hope everyone finds something for themselves. The choice of decks is extensive. Have fun and see you on the ladder!

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Tier #1

Carryover Engine Priestesses with Renfri are dangerous when they gain round control. To achieve round control feel free to use your Istredd and Snowdrop combo with other machines. Bleed your opponent, then setup Onager and play for last say Vernon pulling out Priestess with Tridam Infantry to wipe your opponent’s board.

Vilge was not the only force in Nilfgaard. It is assimilation, and this deck is perfect for this season. Jan Calveit will ensure a good selection in the next round, and Skellen will deal with the opponent’s uncomfortable ideas.

Dear friend, don’t worry about the coins. They will be organized somehow, it is Novigrad after all!
We will also take care of their management. The Oxenfurd guards will count every coin you have with you and you can spend the rest on Brawlers. Not only your reputation will benefit, but also that of Ixora and Acherontia. Make yourself comfortable in our beautiful city, my friend.

What a mix, we have a handful of elves, a lot of control movement and a lot of special cards. No unit has appeared once again in the Scoia faction.

A control version of good old Symbiosis? Why not? Eskel will protect the defenseless dryads. The deck is based on the best nature cards, that guarantee good points and solid control.

Recent buffs for alchemy have put it back on the ladder. Let us take a good portion of the ancestral honey and rest in the shade of Gedyneith.

Tier #2

Although the pirates’ glory days are behind them, they did not flee to land. Like many other archetypes from the frozen isles, they prayed to Svalblod for help, and he came. Successfully eliminating any threat on your opponent’s table can only lead to a win. Throw away fear, enlist on a ship and go for glory.

Saint Gregory fits perfectly into the Cleric-pack, giving us an opportunity to make up to 40 balanced points with one play in a long round. Whoreson Junior, Drill and poisons provides some strong control tools, while bronze cards are just playing themselves.

The deck has good pointslam, having great engines as Nekurat, Garkain, and Fleder growing fast. Incubus is the MVP here for resurrecting our engines once again. There is not much control so the deck is vulnerable to greedy decks and much heavier engines than them, though it’s easy to win round 1 and push opponents out of those.

Who doesn’t like the well-known thrive? The deck has gained several significant units that will effectively strengthen both Larva and the Koshchey itself. So we can confidently play them in a long round, but if needed, Mourntart and Ozzrel alone will win the short final round.

Known to all for its effectiveness, the deck led by Idarran returns to the ladder. If the opponent doesn’t leave the game, he will be struggling with our reaver units for the next rounds, which will end with complete domination on our side. Leave the rest to the reavers and watch the world burn…

This list should be familiar to everyone by now but the general plan is to get good cards from Temple, use it to boost Prince Anseis, and build carry-over with Mutagenerator with Erland as the payoff card.

An extremely pleasant and easy-to-use deck. The base is the classic swarm. However, this one has more control and focuses on two big finishers in the form of Tatterwing and Morvudd.

Tier #3

Beasts of stormy waters shaped up as a really enjoyable pointslam. The real queen – Melusine – returned to the ladder. Surrounded by monsters from the depths of the sea, no opponent is safe from them.

Tremble before the fury, rage and axes of Skellige warriors. These experienced veterans get stronger each round to crush the opponent in a long round 3. Thanks to some inspirational characters like Tyr or Harald you can even bring dead warriors back. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your axe and get on the raid.

The queen of the Mahakam caves appeared again. A slightly forgotten deck has arrived on the ladder, where it may turn out to be not only a surprise for the opponent, but also quite a threat.

One of the most fun and effective archetype to play on ladder is back. Thanks to the new organic cards, we are also able to generate a carryover in this archetype, and new insects as well as previously known reworks can incredibly effectively control the course of the duel. It is not an easy deck to use, but it rewards the patient ones.

Renfri is still keeping her place in the meta, might not be the strongest right now but definitely she is not the weakest. Crush your enemies in a long round with Triss: Meteor Shower, or just keep some steam for round 3 and win either with Renfri or Ramon and Nauzicaa Sergeants.

Harmony still has a punch, even after Saskia’s double nerf. Now we are presenting you the changed leader in addition of Quaraxis. Call of Harmony might be greedier than Guerilla Tactics but it’s funnier and have bigger highroll potential.

An alternative for people who prefer this leader rather than Guerilla. The pattern is probably well known to everyone – we do not leave any key card on the opponent’s table and watch him slowly losing duel with every passing minute.

Something for fans of the syndicate, but not necessarily loyal ones. The Decree adds more stability to the deck, making it easier to select key cards. Flying Redanian is also helpful, as it effectively reduces the number of cards in the deck.

Ixora and her crimes are not enough control? Maybe we’ll add heatwave? That’s better? Don’t thank me. Spend coins, destroy your opponent’s cards and enjoy their defeat.

Play the Viy. Eat the Viy. Repeat.

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