Meta snapshot #5 - July - 10.07 - Season of the Griffin

[10.07] Release: all new decks, new win ratio stats after hotfix.

Snapshot represents current state after last expansion, patch, and hotfix.

Tier 1

Skellige - Warriors | 4,75 stars

The Master Mirror expansion makes Warriors extremely strong. Despite weakening of the leader to 11 provision points, the Warriors archetype is better than ever. New mechanics – Veteran and Devotion – are good for round 3. Cards with Veteran are better by 2 points, and Skjordal Drummond by 4. With many Warriors in your deck, Blood Eagle can work like Royal Decree and you can play it 2 times in the match. Only Gremist, Hammond, and An Craite Blacksmith are not Warriors. Harald an Craite is insane – you play a bronze Warrior card from your graveyard, and it damages enemy units by 1 every time you play a Warrior. Harald the Cripple also ignores armor, potentially giving your Greatswords more points.

Good against:


Bad against:


Skellige - Wild Boar | 4,25 stars

This is another strong Skellige variation. Skellige is currently the faction with the highest win ratio for Pro Rank. A first round push for this deck is key, and if you see your opponent’s board is almost full, you should Wild Boar is what you’ll want to play. Your leader ability allows you to play any Skellige unit second time – ideally, Wild Boar. Also, remember: units which have a Veteran tag gain 1 strength on each round’s end.

Good against:

Scoia’tael – Harmony

Bad against:

Nilfgaard – Imperial Formation

Card Replacement:

Wild Boar → Hemdall

Tier 2

Nilfgaard - Devotion Hefty Helge | 4.0 stars

Helge is one of the hardest to kill cards in the game. With tactic cards, she is getting stronger and stronger. Thanks to the devotion we can also play spies with Fergus and Braathens what is a very strong combination. Coup of the grace is a good card to combinate with our spies engines. Cards like Menno, Roderick, Coup of the grace can help us thinning the deck. Our Skellen+Bribery combo can easily win the game for us. We couldn’t forget about soldier package, with Ramon this archetype is good enough even for tournament decks.


Good against:

Engine Northern Realms,
Symbhiosis ST,
Syndicate swarm.


Bad against:



Cards replacement:
Coup the grace -> Royal decree
Impera enforcers x2 -> Bomb heaver & Ard Feainn Tortoise
Fergus van Emreis -> Yennefer’s invocation
Roderick Dun Tynne -> Alba spearman

Monsters - Fruits of Ysgith Ethereal | 4.0 stars

There are three conditions for this deck: 1. Haunt 2. Caranthir+Ethereal 3. Ethereal himself. The idea is you must win round one (whoever your opponent), push round 2, and win round 3.

You can win round one by any of the three conditions, but you’ll want to reserve Ozzrel and another condition’s cards for round two or three. In many cases, you’ll be playing Haunt in the first round. In another scenario, you can push round one, but leave a card or two in your hand.

Even if you lose round one, your opponent typically won’t want to push against an MO deck in round two. So you can happily face round 3 with 7-8 cards. This point-slam deck has the best potential with 6-7 cards, including Ethereal.

Playing round 3 with 10 cards is not ideal because your board will be filled by Ethereal. Beware of movement from ST or other MO decks. If you already have 7-8 card on a row with Ethereal, just fill it with Nightwraith or other cards so that your tempo isn’t disrupted.

Note: During this first week, there’s been few Bomb Heavers included in decks with so many players making use of Devotion. Once Bomb Heaver becomes more common again, you may want to swap Haunt for Igni or another midrange MO card. Heatwave can also be replaced with a Defender if you want greedier version against Bomb Heaver.

Good against:

Nilfgaard, Scoia’tael

Struggle Against:

Skellige, Northern Realms

Nilfgaard - Spies | 4.0 stars

Spies are back!

Spies are again one of the better archetypes in Gwent. New cards allow you to use this mechanic practically 100% of the time. Long rounds are ideal because of Impera Enforcers and Ramon Tyrconnel.

Short rounds are good too with Coup de Grace, as well as Joachim de Wett (which can be played twice – however, be careful of Reset cards). Usurper Officer gives you more than 12 points if you have Impera Enforcers.

Seditious Aristocrats can be strong, especially with many Spies on opponents’ boards.

Since Masquerade Ball is not included, this is a good counter to decks with Bomb Heaver included.

Good against:

Scoia’tael, Northern Realms, Skellige Wild Boar

Bad against:

Skellige Warriors

Northern Realms - Volunteer Swarm | 4.0 stars

Master Mirror gives us a lot of good cards, changing the meta to be more enjoyable. Northern Realms still appear to be a strong faction, but most likely, not Tier 1 worthy.

Swarm returns, but in a different form – Volunteer Swarm. This can deck potentially produce a lot of points.

Volunteers with Voymir are a good combination – this gives you a better chance to win long round. Golds also gives a better chance to win short rounds.

Anseis or Baron with Viraxas Prince in round 3 are very powerful. Amphibious Assault can pull Anna Strenger out of the deck (or other cards under 10 provision cost).

Good against:


Bad against:


Changeable cards:

Boiling Oil -> Kerack City Guard

Reynard Odo -> Keira Metz

Northern Realms - Order maneuver | 3.75 stars

This add-on has seen several highly versatile cards for play, including several engines to help produce first and second round wins. This deck also includes several control cards. With the double attack Anseisa, strengthened by Indiko, the advantage of this deck is a lot of control and solid engines that generate… well, solid points for the cost.

Good against:


Bad against:


Possible changes:

Philipa -> War elephant

Egmund -> Temerian Drummer

Tier 3

Syndicate - Blood Money Passiflora | 3.5 stars

It’s a traditional Syndicate list. You can try to push round 1 with Saul de Navarette and Pickpocket.

Your opponent may have a Poison or Rupture card on hand, it’s good to hang on to Kalkstein to purify. Long rounds with Passiflora are ideal.

Short rounds with Luiza and Savolla work as well, but you should be careful of removals targeting Luiza. This card works uses order now, so it’s safer to keep Azar Javed for Luiza – but keep Passiflora in mind as well.

Good against:


Bad against:


Monsters - Overwhelming Hunger Devotion Wild Hunt | 3.5 stars

Overwhelming Hunger is one of the best leader ability for Monsters, and Wild Hunt is one of the best ways to play monsters – so we combined the two in this deck.

Devotion is a easy way to play monsters, and this faction has many strong finishers, powerful bronzes, and good tutors. This deck is your typical monsters package, including cards like Yghern, Ozzrel, Endrega Larva, Goliath, and Bruxa. Most of the time, you want to use your leader on Yghern to secure points in case of armor being removed.

Another good target for your leader ability is Miruna, which good against the new Master Mirror Veil engines (4 points with 1 armor). The third best target for your leader ability is Werecat.

Generally, you want to win round one using frost and thrive units. For round two you might want to bleed some decks because of your strong round 3 finishers, like Ozzrel or Auberon.

Good against:

Northern Realms, Scoia’tael

Struggle against:

Skellige, Nilfgaard

Possible changes:

Natural selection into Wild Hunt Warrior, Noonewraith into Wild Hunt Warrior,  Apiarian Phantom into Beast

Scoia'tael - Gord | 3.5 stars

A typical ST deck based on special cards in combination with Harald Gord as a finisher. With the many control tools we have, we are able to deal with opponent’s threats quite easily and
get additional points with Sage and Johnny.

Oneiromancy, Fauve, and Council provide consistency while Justice and Xavier are great tools to survive bleeding in R2.

Try to play Dunca and Smuggler in R1 to get some carryover value. Leader onto Johnny in R3 is insane! = +2 points per turn.

Skellige - Dagur Two Blades | 3,5 stars

This deck is ideal for a short round. In the first round, push to reach the last say, if you see that your opponent’s board is almost full you should play a Wild Boar which do a lot of value, but you can save save this card for third round, with Dagur and Swordmaster this card can give you a lots of points. Also you have defender to protect your Swordmaster or Dagur.

Blood Eagle helps you to pull out your Warriors from your deck.

This deck is ideal for a short round. You’ll want to push the first round – if at anytime your opponent’s board is getting full, you can use Wild Boar for a big advantage.

You may also want to save the Boar for the third round, though, since, when combined with Dagur or Greatsword, you can rack up a lot of points (remember to save your Defender to protect both of these). Blood Eagle can also help to grab the card you need, depending on the circumstances.

Good against:

Scoia’tael Harmony

Bad against:

Nilfgaard Imperial Formation

Card Replacement:

War of Clans → An Craite Greatsword

Nilfgaard - Dirty Tactics | 3.0 stars

This is a deck I’ve experimented with for several seasons, and one that I first reached pro rank with. It may struggle in certain matchups, or as cards are added to the game… but unlike greedier decks, this one thrives on adaptability.


Against most factions (except Nilfgaard & Skellige) your first task is to to fill your hand with tactic cards. Combined with Hefty Helge and Venedal Elite, you can accumulate or remove points from the board rapidly. If you wish to push, Damien de la Tour or Stefan Skellen may be used, but it would be unwise to play both.

Nilfgaard & Skellige opponents will be dangerous because they can remove Hefty Helge easily, and you need to save Ffion var Gaernel till your final round. In this case, you may lose the first round, but since Slave Hunter has Assimilate, you can use them in combination with Imperial Diplomacy (and Bribery if you can use boost Stefan Skellen to avoid removal).

Few players use Enchanted Armor, but it’s potential in the final round (or in desperate situations) shouldn’t be ignored. If you lose Ffion van Gaernel, it can keep a key card reasonably protected. If you want to use Hefty Helge against a challenging matchup, it could also prevent immediate removal in the first round.

Your leader ability is best saved for last, but occasionally, it might be better used to push, or to remove an extremely dangerous card from your opponent’s board. Against Skellige (Lippy & Second Wind decks in particular), you can also try to steal valuable cards early on to prevent synergy in later rounds.


Depending on your position, you maybe able to clinch an easy win by using Letho: Kingslayer to duplicate one of your more powerful cards (protected by Ffion var Gaernel, of course). For instance, against Second Wind or Thrive decks, you can achieve a massive score with two copies of Cahir Dyffryn. Against Nilfgaard, you can duplicate Stefan Skellen to play Bribery three times, and receive many cards that synergize with your own.


However you reach the final round, or if you risk going 0-2, consider your matchup carefully before using Letho: Kingslayer. Even duplicating Hefty Helge or Ffion var Gaernal is a valid strategy, but you can lose easily by misreading your opponent.

Good against:

Northern Realms & Monsters

Bad against:

Skellige & Nilfgaard

Changeable Cards:

– Tactic cards can be swapped based on preference (but should include 12 total)

– If you want to include Bomb Heaver, you can swap Amnesty for other tactics (since they rely on Devotion)

– All God is a potential inclusion if you want to use a different Stratagem


Monsters - Arachas Swarm Ethereal | 2.5 stars

Wild Hunt is back – something we’ve waited a long time for. This list is a usual Arachas Swarm List, with Adrenaline Rush, Natural Selection, and a few more organic cards.

There’s also a new package of Wild Hunt cards, along with Ethereal. Strong finishers are something that monsters are known for – and Auberon or Ozzrel are going to be your big finishers.

Ethereal is a long round win condition, transforming 1 point Arachases into 4 points.

This card can be quite frustrating for your opponent as they have to remove two Ethereals to prevent your row(s) from spreading.

Good against:

Nilfgaard, Scoia’tael

Struggle Against:

Skellige, Northern Realms

Possible changes:

Hidous Feast into Predatory Dive, Noonewraith into Wild Hunt Warrior, Naglfar’s Taskmaster into Endrega Larva

Honorable mentions & memes

Monsters - Ciri: Trash

Use Ciri to win R1, then renew it to bleed R2. R3 is just classic MO bigbois short round. If you don’t draw Ciri, renew can be used on Ozzrel, Golyat, The Beast, Striga, ect. NG can be a rough matchup because of Yen’s Invocation – so try to bait your opponent with Golyat to save Ciri for R3. Unfortunately, you may lose to spies during long rounds, anyways.

This deck has been send to Us on our Discord by Crythene!

Seasonal decks

Skellige - Ursine Ritual Seasonal

Seasonal is back! In this season, your card power is changed into your provision. So, you can play Cerys with 11 base power, Igni with 10 base power, and so on. Your best approach is going to be a Lippy deck with little modification.

You can use your 5 charges of Ursine Ritual on Cerys (1 time before Lippy and other after Lippy) and the other 3 charges on Dracoturtle. You don’t need to play differently than with a typical Lippy deck, but beware of aggressive mulligans due to unwanted cards in hansd.

Eskel, Vesemir, and Lambert are also great with a 24 points swing. Drakkar, Dracotutle, and Svalbold Priest can be produce 2.5-3 points per turn if your opponent doesn’t have a counter to your engine. At the end, just have fun with this deck.

Classic decks

Decks popular for long time, you can invest scraps in them.


Imperial Formation (currently: Spies)

Northern Realms:

Swarm (currently: Volunteer swarm)


Swarm (currently: Ethereal Swarm )

Win ratio

Stats from top 2860 pro rank players. Who played: 470214 games from 12-07 to 14-07.

Northern Realms






1. 大萌熊 0
2. KohnSnow 0
3. Zortnag 0
4. Grapes. 0
5. Peter1964 0
1. gialota 0
2. Cahir176 0
3. joker78963 0
4. vandesande 0
5. Flower_Bra... 0
1. slipknothalo 0
2. Starik35 0
3. Ivan123123 0
4. Eizenheim 0
5. Rollingmuffin 0
1. KarmaNinja 0
2. slipknothalo 0
3. Ivan123123 0
4. liziyou 0
5. Eizenheim 0
1. Kyjpew 0
2. Regius1991 0
3. vandesande 0
4. slipknothalo 0
5. DolphPingus 0
1. DolphPingus 0
2. Sartsur 0
3. 尼弗迦德惆怅客 0
4. Ch.ase 0
5. R47m4n 0

Faction popularity

Skellige 24.46%
Nilfgaard 21.98%
Monsters 21.4%
Northern Realms 13.47%
Scoia'tael 11.51%
Syndicate 7.18%

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