Gwent charity tournament event for Project HOPE Ukraine

Donates go for Project HOPE, an organization sending medical supplies and standing by to provide health screening and care for refugees of Ukraine.


Saturday, March 5th


[Tournament] 3:00 PM CET SpyroZA + Rogbros on this channel

[Quiz] 7:00 PM CET Lionhart + Rogbros on this channel

(quiz will be only on English stream, so everyone would participate together)


Pawloex + Rolero on this channel


Aquadrops on this channel


ZioMaruth24 perspective (he will also play 😉 ) on this stream.


Pajabol, Kams134, Truzky, Lerio2, Specimen, Gandalf0271, Jamedi, PiotrCNS, Maruth24, Rafsoneiro & more.


Single elimination BO3 with ban.

Bracket here

Decks here

An unofficial community event created under the Gwent Fan Content Guidelines.

Not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED

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