Gwent Special Tournament Ruleset

Gwent Tournament

organized by Team Elder Blood

Team Elder Blood Discord:

We are organizing a peculiar tournament today, this is your only chance to win a Brazzers subscription that you always wanted! No rickrolling, only pure Gwent experience, today at Team Elder Blood!

We are announcing a new tournament, which will be held today!

What, today? Yeah, you heard it right!

It will be an absolute bang and a hard battle for each participant!

Start time: 2023. April 1st at 6:00 pm CEST.

For the details, see the ruleset below:


1st:                        Brazzers Premium subscription for one month (worth around $15 USD) + $10 USD

2nd:                      Brazzers Premium subscription for one month (worth around $15 USD) + $5 USD

3rd:                       Brazzers Premium subscription for one month (worth around $15 USD)


  • Single elimination

  • Best of 3 with ban
  • Bring 3 decks, ban 1, and win with the other 2.
  • Each deck different faction


Registration started and will last till 01.04.2023 5:00PM CEST

Sending decks till 1.04.2023 5:00PM CEST

Check-in 1h before the tournament

Decklists are open at 5:45PM CEST

Tournament starts at 6:00PM CEST

General rules

  • Only 18+ players, or older if your country’s law requires it to play and receive rewards in this tournament.
  • Joining the tournament is equal to acceptance of the rules contained here.
  • Applying the ruleset during the tournament is decided by the tournament admins.
  • If you have questions about the interpretation of the tournament ruleset, ask it before the tournament on Team Elder Blood Discord.
  • You may record games to help solve any problems that may occur. However, recording is not obligatory.
  • The tournament is open to PC, Tablet and Mobile players.
  • You have to be in age expressed by the current Gwent ruleset to take part in this event.
  • Check-in will start 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament.
  • If your deck is not submitted on time, you are automatically disqualified.
  • Decks are subject to verification at any time.
  • Decks that do not match respectively submitted decklists will result in a match loss to the current opponent.
  • Decklists must be sent in this Google Form.
  • If you send more than one decklist before the deadline for sending decks the newest valid entry will count as your deck.
  • All decklists will be available on Discord 15 minutes before the tournament
  • Failure to queue into your match against your opponent within 5 minutes of a match being posted will result in a match loss and if you fail to show for a 2nd time, you will be dropped from the entire tournament.

Should a game end due to disconnection or forfeit, then the player who disconnects/forfeits is given the loss.

When the round starts, find your opponent in direct messages and play the match.

  1. You may stream your games at your own risk.
  2. You have to join our team’s Discord server before the tournament starts. This will let you report any problems, get the latest binding information about the tournament, and have easy communication with other players and tournament admins.
  3. You have to submit your scores in the designated Discord channel.
  4. If caught cheating (or other exploitative behavior) you will be disqualified from the tournament.


The player can exchange a Brazzers Premium one-month subscription for the equivalent of $15 USD via PayPal.

Cash prizes are paid out within 14 days via PayPal. No exceptions, you must have an active Paypal account or the cash prize will be void. Paypal accounts must be fully functional, meaning accept payments from other countries – Poland (some countries can not accept abroad payments on Paypal). You will have 7 days to send Paypal account name to the tournament admin via Discord after the end of the tournament.

Technical problems

In case of technical difficulties on any platform (Gwent, Discord, or Challonge), or problems with the continuation of the tournament administration might decide about:

  1. delaying tournament,
  2. moving the tournament to another date (with the option to replay already done rounds and with the option to move it to another tournament platform)
  3. resolve matches by virtual coinflip
  4. Should a game end due to DISCONNECTION, then the player who disconnects is given the loss. If technical problems are caused by the tournament platform, tournament admins may decide to play a match/round again

Tournament admins will decide how problems will be solved according to the size of those technical problems.

Other problems

Uncultured behavior towards participants and Administration and using bugs in the game or on the Challonge will be punished with the exclusion of the player from further participation in the tournament.

In situations not provided for by the ruleset decisions are made by the tournament admins.


During the event, the only communication platform will be the Team Elder Blood Discord:

In case of a Discord failure, communication will be moved to GOG message system.

English is the only language of communication.

Privacy policy

Tournament players allow free and unlimited use of their usernames, provided personal data and avatars during and after the tournament.

Personal data provided by players will be processed in order to carry out tournaments and promotion. Including promotion in social media.

Each person joined to the tournament agrees to the processing and use of their data collected in the game Gwent, and available in Challonge.

Every person applying for the tournament agrees to the processing of personal data used to join the tournament for purposes related to the tournament and promotion, as well as data included in the player profile.

Registered players have the right to inspect and correct data. For this purpose, please contact the tournament administration.


The Organizer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

By joining to tournament, you accept the regulations.

Good luck & have fun!

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