Meta snapshot #35

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Meta snapshot #35

[20.02] Release: 13 new decks, new ranking, new videos, new matchups & gameplan info.

So February has come. It’s the perfect time to come back after a break, wake up from hibernation and conquer the ladder again. As this is the month of love, it’s worth giving a chance to some of our proposals, giving yourself over to the card game and spending unforgettable evenings and nights in the arms of Gwent.

This month, our valentine to you is the new snapshot format. We are pleased to present you with more and more diverse decks, so that everyone will find their true love among them.

Already at the end of the previous season, we could meet Albrich’s Tactical Decision, which is currently the leader in Nilfgaard. Cultist players can rejoice, for them we have as many as two variants of lists with which they can worship the eternal eclipse. Fans of the good old assimilation will also find something, Enslave is still a solid deck worth picking up.

I admit that after the Onslaught rework, it is my favorite Skellige leader and the unicorn roster has a chance to be the best representative of this archetype. Despite the nerfs, we have an updated version of Warriors for you, lovers of devo decks will not be forgotten by us. And we also have a Selfwound, my lovely Selfwound. If anyone missed the brutal cultists and bloodthirsty beasts, go ahead, help yourself comrades!

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with the Northern Realms deck. Last season I played the list with Melitele and oh my, how much fun I had. The standard priestesses who no longer stand in the shadow of Melitele are also worth considering if someone likes this archetype as much as I do. There could also be knights who do not give up from the top of the ladder, I personally recommend the version with the temple, but for traditionalists we have a list with Aerondight. If there is anyone among you who missed the reavers, please, take and play, I think that I will start this season with them myself.

Glad to see Precision Strike on our list, it’s by far my favorite Scoia’tael ability and if someone needs control, this is the perfect candidate for you. Harmony has gained a few moves to control the situation on the board thanks to both Brehen and Quax, and for fans of Nekker – movement works great, seriously, I recommend it if someone hasn’t tried it yet.

In monsters there will also be something for fans of loyal decks, we serve frost for you in two versions. Deathwish – a truly monstrous and disgusting concept does not differ in quality, if there are any sick fans of it here – choose which list you like more and go crazy. Relics also returned and gained many fans, was it deserved? 

The most changes have probably came from the Syndicate. However, don’t worry! Both devo Sigi decks and wicked bounty hunters are worth watching and will easily deal with enemy units.

We hope you enjoy the new format and bring a breath of fresh air to the ladder. We have a lot of suggestions, don’t worry, the first game with a new deck is like the first pancake – to be thrown away. Sometimes all pancakes are messed up… we know such situations. However, don’t worry. Pick your decks, experiment and have fun.

See you on the ladder!

We hope you will have fun with the current meta and we will see you on the top!

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Tier #1

She is back in tier 1. For over 7 months she was the real Queen of Gwent, Renfri. She might have had a break but thanks to Albrich and strong “set card on the top of your deck” cards she is again on her throne. Crush the enemies in long round with Triss: Meteor Shower, or just keep some steam for round 3 and win either with Renfri or Ramon and Nauzikaa Sergeants.

Beautiful in its brutality, the deck has become one of the best. Ancient Foglets perfectly lead as best bronzes from all Wild Hu.. nevermind, let’s act like Wild Hunt Hound doesn’t exist and keep Foglets as Aen Elle’s best cards. The whole archetype fits perfectly in the current meta, last month’s decks were too greedy for the frosty boys to shine. Bring winter to your opponent’s side of the board!

Tier #2

Even after getting nerfed by removing its bug Melitele is still strong. This deck has tons of reach in long rounds thanks to leader charges and AOE buff from Mettie. For a short round you have decent finishers with Mettie, Priestess or even shuffling Mettie back for big area of effect. This deck can easly do over 100 points in a 3 cards round 3 if you have all 4 leader charges. All hail Maiden, Mother and Crone.

One of the best Nekker lists can once again compete for the title of the best in Skellige. Unicorns phenomenally complement the archetype of privateers, which thanks to them gained additional possibilities of shortening the deck and thus increased the chance of playing what we need from the Nekker. If wounding a unit isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, Curse of Corruption will provide a satisfying finale.

A few days after Valentine’s Day, the Simp Knights of the Northern Realms left the Temple of Melitele and, in order to win Lady Bronwen’s favour, they took up the Big Bad Sword. The first strike always gives them a big advantage in a fight, and if the opponent still wants a second round, the only fair thing to do is to show him that there won’t be a third. To glory, for Lady Bronwen!

With the start of a new season Harmony is back on the road to become one of the strongest deck in the meta. The list is changed every month and this time you won’t see a Movement Package. Instead of that we have more low-provision bronzes to pull out from Saskia, Brehen as a great tall punish and Mr. iQuax calling for Dana and your opponent’s win condition. It’s worth mentioning that Heatwave is currently not the most popular card, so feel free to win 2-0 with the Scenario.

Tier #3

After some reworks a month ago and other buffs this month Bounty is finally in a decent shape. It also works really well with poison package and Golden Nekker. This golden statue often allows you to set up single turn poisoning and gives potential for another one thanks to Salamandra Hideout. It all works perfectly in both short and long round.

Deathwish. What a monstrous, disgusting and by the way, extremely tempting proposition. In one sick place – Dol Dhu Lokke these creatures were born and in another, you can see her climbing the ladder with amazing efficiency. Absorbed succubi tempt with their grace and uninterrupted point dominance on the owner’s side. Thanks to Dagon, seemingly attractive relics gained additional benefits. So there was nothing left but to take the list and savor it.

After the nerfs to Pulling the Strings we changed leader ability for Syndicate from Pirates Cove to Off the Books, presenting you a new midrange-type deck. Saint Gregory fits perfectly into the Cleric-pack, giving us a opportunity to make up to 40 balanced points with one play in a long round. Whoreson Junior, Philippa, Moreelse, Drill and poisons provides some strong control tools, while bronze cards are just playing themselves. There’s also a KoB for bricking our hand, so Reddit can’t name this deck as “broken”.

Known to all for its effectiveness, the deck led by Idarran returns to the ladder. If the opponent doesn’t leave the game, he will be struggling with our reaver units for the next rounds, which will end with complete domination on our side. One of my favorite cards – Curse of Corruption is a perfect complementing card and an opportunity to get rid of an inconvenient enemy unit. What about the rest? Leave the rest to the reavers and watch the world burn…

Tremble before the fury, rage and axes of Skellige warriors. These experienced veterans get stronger each round to crush the opponent in a long round 3. Thanks to some inspirational characters like Tyr or Harald you can even bring dead warriors back. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your axe and get on the raid.

Well-known Enslave-Six shows up once again on the list of the best decks to climb with. Hidden behind the Defender, Hefty Helge puts a lot of pressure on the opponent while giving you control of the round. With only 3 different bronze units Artorius Vigo will always give you what you need in the current situation. There is also a Treason for some surprise value that allows you to get rid of units with Immunity like Saskia, Milva or Lady Bronwen.

Don’t play this deck. Never. Ever.

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