Meta snapshot #37

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Meta snapshot #37

[03.05] Release: 15 new decks, new ranking, new videos, new matchups & gameplan info.

Together with the warm days, a new issue of your favorite and only snapshot of the meta decks for gwent you read has come to you.

Longer days are conducive to long sessions of playing our beloved card game.

This is the first season after the release of new cards from Claw and Dagger Expansion, which allowed to revive forgotten archetypes and strengthen well-known ones.

Arachas swarm returned to the top of the ladder after a break of over a year. As you can see, thinking in a group… in fact, in a hive mind is more effective than alone. The new cards refreshed the nekker list and allowed us to exclude ourselves like a kikimora from the egg of a new, control list.

The rain got some love too. The Beasts effectively buffed the sea archetype and the Corrupted Flaminica buff offers another good finisher to skellige decks.

Ultimately, however, the archetype of the beast from across the sea did not catch on as well as one might expect.

The new cards fit perfectly into the already well-known nekker Syndicate, where they help win round one without a large investment. The changes to this deck prompted me to try my hand at being a witch hunter, and I really enjoyed playing it.

In Scoia’tael, harmony is still the smallest deck known for several seasons. For people who want to spice up this list a bit, we suggest experimenting with back plans, which are a really nice answer to the opponent’s key cards.

Priestesses are doing well in the Northern Realms. I’ve been playing them for a few days now and I’m having a really good time, and that’s what this game is all about, right? … Right?

In Nilfgaard, just like in Scoia, you can try to experiment with new cards or learn from Kalkstein, who knows that sometimes there are unsuccessful experiments.

I hope everyone will find something for themselves, I’ll throw you my beloved Selfwound down there, maybe someone needs mutilation of their own units…

We wish all readers successful days spent on ladder conquests in the company of their favorite decks!

Praise the sun!

Wait, that’s not the game.

We hope you will have fun with the current meta and we will see you on the top!

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Tier #1

Witch hunters have not slowed down since they set out on the hunt.

Control Nekker still boasts the title of the best deck in the game. The deck is so solid in its assumptions that swapping cards depending on the player’s preferences does not spoil its effectiveness.

Both the two brothers with mutagens and the classic version with Knickers are doing very well. Even adding a new elf to the list can be an effective maneuver.

Tier #2

Beautiful in its brutality, the deck has become one of the best. Ancient Foglets perfectly lead as best bronzes from all Wild Hu.. nevermind, let’s act like Wild Hunt Hound doesn’t exist and keep Foglets as Aen Elle’s best cards. The whole archetype fits perfectly in the current meta, last month’s decks were too greedy for the frosty boys to shine. Bring winter to your opponent’s side of the board!

One of the best Nekker lists can once again compete for the title of the best in Skellige. Unicorns phenomenally complement the archetype of privateers, which thanks to them gained additional possibilities of shortening the deck and thus increased the chance of playing what we need from the Nekker. If wounding a unit isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, Curse of Corruption will provide a satisfying finale.

Harmony is once again one of the strongest deck in the meta. The list is changed every month and now we are glad to include Simlas among us. Because of Nekkeres in the meta it’s worth mentioning that Heatwave is currently not the most popular card, so feel free to win 2-0 with the Scenario.

One of the most successful Northern Realms decks in recent years is back on the ladder. The well-known priestes stack stacking list is performing very well in the current meta.

Thanks to the mutagenerator, we are able to both defend the bleed and effectively bleed the opponent ourselves. A short third round is a sure win.

One of the most fun and effective archetype ladders to play is back. Thanks to the new organic cards, we are also able to generate a carryover in this archetype, and new insects as well as previously known reworks can incredibly effectively control the course of the duel. It is not an easy deck to use, but it rewards the patient.

Deathwish. What a monstrous, disgusting and by the way, extremely tempting proposition. In one sick place – Dol Dhu Lokke these creatures were born and in another, you can see her climbing the ladder with amazing efficiency. Absorbed succubi tempt with their grace and uninterrupted point dominance on the owner’s side. Thanks to Dagon, seemingly attractive relics gained additional benefits. There’s nothing left for you, wretch, to take this list and savor it…

Tier #3

Renfri is still keeping her place in the meta, might not be the strongest right now but definetly she is not the weakest. Crush the enemies in long round with Triss: Meteor Shower, or just keep some steam for round 3 and win either with Renfri or Ramon and Nauzikaa Sergeants.

Well-known Enslave-Six shows up once again on the list of the best decks to climb with. Thanks to newest “non-neutral” change finally cards like Anna Henrietta find some use in competetive NG decks. Also Torres finds himself usefull being good in first form against any deck other than mirror. In the mirror it’s worth consiedering keeping him for opponents False Ciri.

Known to all for its effectiveness, the deck led by Idaaran returns to the ladder. If the opponent doesn’t leave the game, he will be struggling with our reavers units for the next rounds, which will end with complete domination on our side. One of my favorite cards – Curse of Corruption is a perfect complement and an opportunity to get rid of an inconvenient enemy unit. What about the rest? Leave the rest to the reavers and watch the world burn…

The first strike always gives them a big advantage in a fight, and if the opponent still wants a second round, the only fair thing to do is to show him that there won’t be a third. To glory, for Lady Bronwen!

Tremble before the fury, rage and axes of Skellige warriors. These experienced veterans get stronger each round to crush the opponent in a long round 3. Thanks to some inspirational characters like Tyr or Harald you can even bring dead warriors back. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your axe and get on the raid.

Don’t play this deck. Never. Ever.

This deck has tons of reach in long rounds thanks to leader charges and AOE buff from Mettie. For a short round you have decent finishers with Mettie, Priestess or even shuffling Mettie back for big area of effect. This deck can easly do over 100 points in a 3 cards round 3 if you have all 4 leader charges. All hail Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Saint Gregory fits perfectly into the Cleric-pack, giving us a opportunity to make up to 40 balanced points with one play in a long round. Whoreson Junior, Philippa, Moreelse, Drill and poisons provides some strong control tools, while bronze cards are just playing themselves. There’s also a KoB for bricking our hand, so Reddit can’t name this deck as “broken”.

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