Meta snapshot #38

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Meta snapshot #38

[26.05] Release: 17 new decks, new ranking, new videos, new matchups & gameplan info.

e are already approaching the middle of the year.
Students are finishing classes at schools, students are taking exams at the session and everyone is getting closer and closer to the vision of the long-awaited holidays.
As a rest after hard weeks spent with books, we offer several decks with which you will get away from reality for a moment.

Despite the Vivaldi Bank nerfs, the nekker bounty can still claim to be the best deck in the crime syndicate. It is not as effective as before, but there is still no deck that can match it in a faction.
In NR, players can look for a deck that suits their style. Calm knights and aggressive choppers will find many fans, and for players who like the thrill, we have a beloved and well-known Shup to offer.
In the Great Sun faction, the cultists are taking the lead, leaving behind Enslave and Madoc, but fans of these decks can rest easy, their favorites are still doing well.
Monsters took over the title of the best devo faction from the Syndicate. Frost reigns on the ladder for another season. For lovers of more um… monstrous decks, we offer Swarm and the classic Deathwish.

In Scoia, Harmony still leads the way, but thanks to the changes to dragons, PS can be a nice alternative.
Skellige can finally show off the long-built beast archetype and the best deck in the world – Selfwound.

We hope that everyone will find something for themselves. Fans of control decks should finally be satisfied, this season like no other this year offers a rich choice regardless of faction.

We hope you will have fun with the current meta and we will see you on the top!

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Tier #1

Bank is gone, Roach is gone, but the fact that this deck is meta dominant for another month is not gone. Bounty combined with Nekker gives a lot of potential and power plays.

Tier #2

Just like with beasts, people started to look forward to find best SK deck after the nerf to Pirates. Selfwound might not be the strongest but definitely has some good matchups and it’s enjoyable to play.

This month we present you a new list of Enslave, still control but also with some different tools. Lots of flexibility provided thanks to Shupe and Radeyah makes this deck different and more combo oriented with cards like Milton, Sangreal and False Ciri.

Known to all for its effectiveness, the deck led by Idarran returns to the ladder. If the opponent doesn’t leave the game, he will be struggling with our reaver units for the next rounds, which will end with complete domination on our side. Leave the rest to the reavers and watch the world burn…

Beautiful in its brutality, the deck has become one of the best. Ancient Foglets perfectly lead as best bronzes from all Wild Hu.. nevermind, let’s act like Wild Hunt Hound doesn’t exist and keep Foglets as Aen Elle’s best cards. The whole archetype fits perfectly in the current meta, last month’s decks were too greedy for the frosty boys to shine. Bring winter to your opponent’s side of the board!

Don’t play this deck. Never. Ever.

Deathwish. What a monstrous, disgusting and by the way, extremely tempting proposition. In one sick place – Dol Dhu Lokke these creatures were born and in another, you can see her climbing the ladder with amazing efficiency. Absorbed succubi tempt with their grace and uninterrupted point dominance on the owner’s side. Thanks to Dagon, seemingly attractive relics gained additional benefits. There’s nothing left for you, wretch, to take this list and savor it…

Beasts are here, new reworked cards helped them shine in this meta. Especially after nerf to Golden Nekker Pirates people started looking for new tools in this faction.

Shup will show… the way to victory. The surprising mix of a deck with a powerful carryover and a lot of control can boast the title of the best deck in NR

One of the most fun and effective archetype to play on ladder is back. Thanks to the new organic cards, we are also able to generate a carryover in this archetype, and new insects as well as previously known reworks can incredibly effectively control the course of the duel. It is not an easy deck to use, but it rewards the patient.

Tier #3

Harmony still have a punch, even after Saskias double nerf. Now we are presenting you changed leader in addition of Quaraxis. Call of Harmony might be greedier than Guerilla Tactics but it’s funnier and have bigger highroll potential.

Renfri is still keeping her place in the meta, might not be the strongest right now but definitely she is not the weakest. Crush the enemies in a long round with Triss: Meteor Shower, or just keep some steam for round 3 and win either with Renfri or Ramon and Nauzicaa Sergeants.

One of the new contenders in the roster. After the meta started to be greedier and greedier some people looked again on this forgotten 10p Witcher. This deck provides a lot of control, which makes matchups like SY or Harmony really easy.

The first strike always gives them a big advantage in a fight, and if the opponent still wants a second round, the only fair thing to do is to show him that there won’t be a third. To glory, for Lady Bronwen!

Tremble before the fury, rage and axes of Skellige warriors. These experienced veterans get stronger each round to crush the opponent in a long round 3. Thanks to some inspirational characters like Tyr or Harald you can even bring dead warriors back. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your axe and get on the raid.

Symbiosis might not be the strongest but it has decent matchups with decks like Nekker SY. It’s definitely worth a try to have some fun.

New archetype finally was created in SY… oh wait, it’s the same but at least we have a new card. All hail Casimir Bassi, who changed this deck.

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