Meta snapshot #39

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Meta snapshot #39

One of the best seasons in which I came to write an introduction and part of the decks for you. Glad to see devo decks back in our snapshot.

Both the Syndicate and Monsters as well as Nilfgaard can offer decks consisting only of faction cards.

Coin-hungry players can still climb the ladder with the support of Acherontia and Ixora, making it one of the most control-heavy decks and also one of the best of the season. For fans of the already known witch hunters there will also be a list.

The old well-known guest assimilation is here again, but this time, devo version. However, we recommend everyone to try the new version of Imperial Formation. Undoubtedly, this year belongs to this leader. The deck guarantees both high pace and an incredibly large amount of control.

The inhabitants of the frozen skellige islands turned to their bloodthirsty god for help, and Svaldblod responded. He supported his faithful cultists under the command of Knut and Sigvald, as well as buccaneers obsessed with the lust for further conquests. Skellige is doing very well and both lists are looking very very good.

My favorite archetype is back in Scoia’tael. Elves with traps. Thanks to the cards from the last drop, greedy elves have become the best choice for lovers of this faction. The list with traps is better than strictly elves, but for players who value some dignity at home, it may seem a more reasonable choice.

The Northern Realms continuously boast two archetypes. Shupe with Mutagenerator and Priestesses. The latter, however, have undergone through a kind of upgrade … or at least something new and fresh appeared in them. The list got rid of artifacts and special cards in favor of Renfri and her gang. It’s worth a try because it’s really good and it’s fun to play, as with every NR deck.

In monsters, we have the golden age of these classic archetypes… except maybe vampires. Both Deathwish and Wild Hunt have been doing well for many seasons on the ladder, and Relics have unexpectedly been added to the roster. Everyone will find something for themselves.

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Tier #1

One of the most dangerous decks in this meta – thanks to Kaer Trolde combined with Olgierd or Sigvald we have more control than ever in this Selfwound kind of deck. Our main win condition is Svalblod which blasts our board uneffectively due to our selfwound cards. Winning round one is not crucial, we should defend bleeds with ease due to high points potential with Sigvald and Knut so we can pointslam on round 3 with Sove and leader.

Despite the provision nerf to Imperial Marine, they are still amazing engines with Calveit setting up your topdecks and the ability to play two cards in one turn with Battle Stations. They are supported with the rest of the bronze Soldier package along with Ramon and Slave Drivers to copy whichever bronze fits your needs. High end golds like Baccalà, War Council and Battle Stations provide a lot of tempo so we pair them with Aerondight to give us a strong carryover finisher and potential control tool. Additionally the Location order abilities provide a lot of flexibility both bleeding and being bled. The deck is rounded out with Heatwave and Vilgefortz to provide tall punish and answer general threats, as well as Traheaern to force our opponents to adapt.

At the reveals, the SY cards seemed weak to many people, but it turned out that the new SY could reach the meta level. New cards can really change the course of the game, and it can be difficult to kill them.

Conjurer’s Candle and defender will help you save you Ixora and Acherontia. Then you just have to spend the coins correctly. And if you can Open Sesame, you most likely won.

Tier #2

Enslave 6 Assimilate has risen a bit in popularity this season, not in small part because it counters the Imperial Formation Battle Stations decks that love to spam soldiers. This particular version utilizes Braathens and Informants to out-soldier the opponent, and the 4p locks (from hand or Vigo) fill in any control gaps that aren’t covered by Skellen or Vilgefortz.

This deck prefers red coin and a long round to take full advantage of assimilate, but there are plenty of strong short round plays from the high end golds, and from Vigo + Nauzicaa Sergeant.

Angouleme can also be strong instead of Braathens in certain matchups but this variation seems to be more solid all around.

Already known on the ladder for many seasons, the disgusting deck based on consuming your own units is once again in our snapshot. The list characterized by the creation of own points in a short time has been enriched with several changes and adapted to rivals. Thanks to Aguara, we are able to eliminate the rival’s engine and Lord Riptide will effectively deal with another threat from the opponent. There’s nothing left for you, wretch, to take this list and savor it…

Relicts are back after becoming very skilled at reading about necromancy! The deck revolves around setting a strong round with Necromancer’s Tome and playing two bronze relicts each turn, overwhelming your opponent with numerous engines and classic relict pointslam. Additionally, with Tome being played from Nekker we can trigger it in the same turn with Necromancy or Teleportation. Ensure you play Operator into Selfeaters round 1 (Cursed Scroll is inculded to ensure we have a Selfeater in our round 1 hand) so that your Incubi gives your opponent a terrible trade where they get a useless Selfeater and you get a huge Selfeater ready to split. Use your Carapace leader to protect your key bronze engines such as Selfeaters and Witch Apprentice. Unicorn combo provides amazing tempo, especially with multiple Selfeaters on board. Make sure you use your limited control tools of Chironex, Whispess and Curse of Corruption wisely (and don’t brick your Curse).

With the Demavand nerf, Shupe Erland has once again taken the top NR spot in competitive play. This list should be familiar to everyone by now but the general plan is to get good cards from Temple, use it to boost Prince Anseis, and build carry-over with Mutagenerator with Erland as the payoff card.

There’s a variation that swaps out Allgod/Offering for Iris + Companions which can result in a bigger Erland but sacrifices a bit of control.

Tier #3

The Truzky Idr Sabbath deck is still alive and well, and while some matchups can be challenging (Svalblood, Onslaught Pirates if you run into one, and talented multi-tall punish NG) it’s still a formidable deck.

The general plan is to play Defender, Idr and Arachas Queen in round 1, then use Sabbath to get them back out at the start of the final round. If you don’t have access to Idr or it gets Heatwaved, Kikimore Stalker or Vran Warrior are good alternate AQ targets.

The deck may look simple and straightforward but there is some skill to maximizing the amount of points you get from Vran/Glusty and decks that take round 1 and bleed take some skill to fend off.

This deck prefers blue coin for the extra mulligan and to take advantage of Urn of Shadows on Arachas Queen. 

Carryover Engine Priestesses with Renfri are dangerous when they gain round control. To achieve round control feel free to use your Istredd and Snowdrop combo with other machines. Bleed your opponent, then setup Onager and play for last say Vernon pulling out Priestess with Tridam Infantry to wipe your opponent’s board.

One of the most iconic combos in Scoia’tael – trap elves are back! Playing Riordain a few times with Heist earned this archetype more points on our side. Well-planned placement of traps will result in the loss of points on the opponent’s side. Wait a moment, spread out and enjoy the rival’s defeat…

Although the pirates’ glory days are behind them, they did not flee to land. Like many other archetypes from the frozen isles, they prayed to Svalblod for help, and he came. Successfully eliminating any threat on your opponent’s table can only lead to a win. Throw away fear, enlist on a ship and go for glory.

A deck that invariably … freezes the blood in the veins of opponents. Despite successfully eliminating points on the other side, Auberon is still not enough. The list refreshed with Lord Riptide offers not only control but also extra points on our side. Be ready for any opponent on the ladder, but beware of the Wild Hunt.

Don’t play this deck. Never. Ever.

Big ogre make points go high. Fat king stay for next round. Blue shiny sword poke mean opponent twice. Sun cook hurty cards make not come back. Red coin we likes. Blue coin we likes. Cyclops smash!

A control alternative for coin-hungry players. Both the Nekker version known from previous seasons and the one with more witch hunters may prove to be a good choice for fans of dominating during the match.

Spot the threat, place a bounty on the opponent’s head… collect the money for the job done. Let not the filth prevail.

The first strike always gives them a big advantage in a fight, and if the opponent still wants a second round, the only fair thing to do is to show them that there won’t be a third. To glory, for Lady Bronwen!

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